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Sander Lamballais

Drs. Sander Lamballais


Hi, my name is Sander. I have studied a bunch of things: Psychology (BSc), Neuroscience (MSc) and Genetic Epidemiology (MSc). Over the years I have been involved in a myriad of scientific fields. I started as a research assistant to study the false memories and how their consolidation depended on information modality. For my bachelor thesis and some years after I focused on the field of embodied cognition and attempted to extend the boundaries of the field by focusing on the peripheral nervous system. Simultaneously, I started working in a wet lab to focus on the origins of social behavior in mice. We developed a novel behavioral paradigm, the automated tube test, that allowed us to standardize social interactions between mice, and thus to experimentally dissect the behavioral and neural constructs of social interactions.

Currently, I am a PhD candidate at the department of Epidemiology of the Erasmus MC University Medical Center, Rotterdam. My topic of interest is the development and deterioration of the brain, and the antecedents and consequences of these two processes. My work mostly involves the Generation R Study, a birth cohort in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I was the lead neuroimaging PhD for the first two years of the ongoing research phase, during which over 3000 children and 1000 parents were scanned.  I also use data from the Rotterdam Study, the UK Biobank cohort and the ABCD Study. I also like to mess around with R, both for work and as a hobby.


  • PhD researcher, department of Epidemiology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands


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