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Review on genetic influences on hippocampal subfields published in Neurology Genetics
May 31, 2021

Adams Lab member Natalia Vilor-Tejedor recently published a review on genetic influences on hippocampal subfields, an emerging area of neuroscience research, in Neurology Genetics.

In recent years, there has been an increased interest in studying the subfields of the human hippocampal formation using magnetic resonance imaging. However, progress in hippocampal subfield studies has been impeded by the significant amount of disagreement and challenges that exists, especially in the field of genetics.

Genetic studies in this field are very important due to the genetic characterization of hippocampal subfields are strongly related to some neurodegenerative processes, and could help to improve our understanding of potential targets of neurodegeneration. Therefore, the authors aimed to provide a review of the current evidence from genetic studies of hippocampal subfields, highlighting current priorities and upcoming challenges.

The reviews shows that the most pressing challenges in this emerging area of research are:

  • the limited number of studies investigating the influential genetic effects on hippocampal subfields;
  • a lack of replicated results and longitudinal designs;
  • modest sample sizes combined with insufficient standardization of protocols.

The full paper can be found here.

Adams Lab members Tavia Evans and Hieab Adams also contributed to this study.