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Hieab Adams wins Erasmus MC Fellowship!
Oct 5, 2020

We can proudly announce that Hieab Adams won the Erasmus MC Fellowship. The Erasmus MC programme offers young, promising researchers who have gained their PhDs a four-year research Fellowship with a total budget of €400,000. Hieab won the Fellowship for his research on the ethnic diversity of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkison’s. This research is being conducted through the United Consortium.

Risks of developing neurodegenerative diseases vary across the globe, with some populations at higher risk than others. It is still insufficiently understood what causes this inequality; genetics, environment or a combination of the two. An important reason for this is that there is still very little information available about people who do not have a European background. By collecting and analyzing genetic information and brain scans from people from all over the world, Hieab wants to understand why these differences based on descent exist.

Watch the video for more information about Hieab’s research (Dutch).